Prosperity Playbook




Develop plans and initiatives based on complex research and data analysis.

01 Research


Develop strategic partnerships with vital organizations to assist in implementing economic initiatives.

02 Partnerships


Bring stakeholders together to implement broad initiatives and increase economic resilience.

03 Engagement

Envision Tahoe was a 12-month economic initiative organized by the Tahoe Prosperity Center, guided by a regionally representative Catalyst Committee, and underwritten by the U.S. Economic Development Administration to create an economic recovery and resiliency strategy for the Tahoe Basin emphasizing economic diversification. 

The Envision Tahoe Playbook is a set of research-based strategies and tactics (or “plays”) that leaders and residents in the Tahoe-Truckee Region can activate based on best timing, subregional needs, capacity, and funding. Leaders from the public, private, and community sectors can collaborate and coordinate their activities as a cohesive team working to achieve a common vision while the Playbook grants members the flexibility to seize emerging opportunities or adjust to changing environments.   

The Envision Tahoe Playbook is rooted in local resident input and the advice and support of local leaders and has been informed by inclusive economy initiatives undertaken in other parts of the U.S. and Canada. It also incorporates the pioneering research and regional development work of scholars and researchers at Brookings Metro¹ and the direct operational experience within the ICS consultant team in designing and implementing inclusive growth and resilience strategies in other markets for more than 17 years.


Organizing and Accelerating Tahoe’s Innovation Ecosystem

Local business, government, education, community and tribal leaders all came together last year through an initiative funded by the Tahoe Prosperity Center called Envision Tahoe to lay the groundwork for a more resilient Tahoe, one with diverse pathways to new career possibilities and avenues for Tahoe workers to live locally and support their families. This effort is called Tahoe Inc.

Before Tahoe Inc., there was little systemic support for entrepreneurs or individuals wishing to start or grow their business. The effects of the pandemic, the Caldor Fire, and dramatic shifts in the economy and the environment were a wake-up call to preserve our future and increase support in a new economic foundation.

A committed group of volunteer entrepreneurs, Tahoe Inc. aims to re-connect innovators, nonprofits, business leaders, startups, and investors with monthly programming and peer-to-peer mentorship, events, and more.


Project Reports

Report June 2022

Envision Tahoe Prosperity Playbook

Report March 2022

Community Report for the Tahoe Region

Report September 2021

Baseline Report for the Tahoe Basin

1. The Brookings Institute is a Washington, DC based think tank established in 1916 that focuses on economic and social research and development. To learn more, visit


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